Publication of Books and Audio Visuals

I have two RPS ARPS Distinctions, one of which I gained in the Multimedia and Narrative section. This was gained using my Paris AV and my Rural Asia AV which I have uploaded to You Tube. To see these AV's click on the appropriate image. I have now started uploading AV's to Vimeo and you can now view another two AVs called Lucy's Secret and Rock Solid Race.

I have started to produce Photographic Books and I am doing this using the Blurb website. So far I have produced seven books and I am very pleased with the quality. I have used Blurb's Large Square Format making sure I used the premium lustre paper. To purchase the hard backed copies please go to my page on the Blurb Website

All these books can be purchased Hard Backed Books and as E Books. Links to these e books are:
A Glimpse of Scotland E Book - A Glimpse of Slovenia E Book - A Glimpse of Cuba E Book - A Glimpse of Morocco E Book - A Photographic Glimpse of Tuscany & Venice, Italy - A Photographic Glimpse of Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Sapa - A Photographic Glimpse of Myanmar(Burma)


I have also contributed to three Isca Portfolio books. I and seven others belong to a small group called the Isca Group and we have published Three Portfolios of images. These books can be obtained from my Blurb site as hard cover books, soft cover or eBooks.