In 1998 I made a flying trip to Beijing, China. I managed to pack a lot of places into my itinerary visiting the Hutong area, Forbidden City, Great Wall and many other interesting areas including a back street eating house where nobody spoke a word of English, my friend and I managed to get ourselves a meal by pointing at the food on other tables, quite an experience. On this particular visit I used a film camera so I have had to scan the following images using a film scanner which unfortunately does not give the best quality.

Great Wall of China

Abseiling Window Cleaners


One of the bridges at Summer Palace

Gateway to Ming Walkway

An Incense Building

Elephant Statue on the Ming Walkway

Part of the Forbidden City


Marble Ramp in the Forbidden City

In front of the Forbidden City


Forbidden City

Forbidden City

Forbidden City Bedroom

Some of the Roofs on The Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven


Hutong Street


Cleaner in Hutong

Coal used for fuel in homes

Cycling in Beijing

Pedicabs and drivers

Bikes laden with goods

Marble Boat called Qingyanfang" (Boat of Clearness and Comfort), built in 1755. This is a land boat for decoration and is at the Summer Palace

Beijing Visitor

Beijing Visitors

Tiananmen Square

Stork at Summer Palace

Great Wall Tower

Soldier on The Great Wall

Tiananmen Square


Rest Room near The Great Wall

Waiting at the Station

Hutong Drum. Every evening, at 7 o'clock the time-keepers would beat the drum thus officially starting the night hours. The drum would be struck every two hours until 5 in the morning.


Waiting at the Station

Old Hutong Building

Street Trader

Bamboo scaffolding and roofer

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