Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Sapa

My photographic encounters in March 2011 involved a large amount of travelling on planes, boats, trains, cycles and motorbikes from the very south to the far north of South East Asia visiting parts of Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Sapa.

I started my journey at Siem Reap, on to Luang Prabang, then Vang Vieng, down to Nam Ngum Lake, thenVientiane, on to Ho Chi Min, down to the Mekong Delta then Nha Trang. The next stop was Hoi An, then up to Hue via China Beach. Up to Hanoi then a relaxing time on a junk in Halong Bay. The trip ended with a visit to Sapa, North West of Vietnam visiting places like Cat Cat Village and Ta Van Village.

Angkor Wat's Ruins near Siem Reap were a marvel. I much preferred the countryside areas like Me Chrey, Kompong Khleang Village with its houses on stilts which looked decidedly unsafe and the floating fishing villages, to the very busy towns like Ho Chi Min and Hanoi. Ho Chi Min was a madhouse of pedestrians, cyclists, cars, lorries all criss crossing past each other, I wondered how the people managed to drive without accidents happening all the time.

Asia was a kaleidoscope of colour, wonderful people and picturesque landscapes; exploring lakes, communities, fishing villages, markets, historical temples, lively cities, and to be able to see the different lifestyles of all the places visited was quite an experience.

Angkor Wat Ruins Nr Siem Reap, Cambodia



Me Chrey Community & Kompong Khleang Village, Nr Siem Reap, Cambodia

Monks from Cambodia & Laos


Motorcyclists from Ho Chi Min & Hanoi






Rice Terraces in Sapa