Costa Rica December 2015

For this trip I concentrated on capturing as much wildlife as possible; frogs, snakes, loads of different birds, toucans, vultures, long tongued bats, macaws, iguanas, white faced capuchins, tarantula spiders, humming birds plus various fungi and moths.

Red eyed tree frogs



Masked Tree Frog

Emerald Glass Frog




Red Eyed Tree Frog

Lemur Leaf Frog on Ginger Plant

Ghost Frog

Strawberry Poisin Dart Frog

Lemur Leaf Frog

Ghost Glass Frog


Short Nosed Vine Snake

Pit Viper

Green Pit Viper


Eyelash Pit Viper


Short Nosed Vine Snake

Green Crown Brilliant

Brown Violet Ear

Long Billed Hermit

Violet Sabrewing


Keel Billed Toucan


Collared Aracari


Long Tongued Bats

King Vultures

Brown Vultures

White Faced Capuchin Monkeys

Red Macaws


Green Honeycreeper

Blue/Grey Tanager

Golden Hooded Tanager

Blue Grey Tanagers

Tarantula Spider

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