Cuba Part One

Cuba is all about Che Guevara, The Revolution, it's music and rum. Mojitos being the famous rum drink of Cuba. Che Guevara is still regarded as a hero of the Revolution and there are many memorials to The Revolution. The old American cars from the 1950's are very prevalent giving the country a feeling of being in a "time warp".

Cuba is also famous for its cigars and there are tobacco planations mainly in the Vinales area. Rationing still continues in Cuba but this does stop the poor from going without food. Ernest Hemingway is famous for having spent a considerable amount of time in Cuba and the Royal Ballet dancer Carlos Acosta was born in Cuba.

Fidel Castro has kept a tight hold on Cuba which is a Communist Country and has built up the second largest armed forces in Latin America. No political party is permitted to nominate candidates or campaign on the island.

My trip started in Havana and I travelled to Vinales for the Tobacco Planatations and Cane Fields, Cienfugegos and The Bay of Pigs, Santa Clara, the site of the victorious attack on an armoured train, Sierra Escambray, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Camaguey, Sierra Maestra, which is the site of Fidel's base, Santiago de Cuba, Baracoa. This was my finishing point having travelled the length of Cuba and from Baracoa I flew back to Havana for my trip back to the UK.

Girls in Vinales

Plantation Workers, Vinales

Vinales Dwelling



Pineapple Farm Vinales

Horseman, Vinales

Tobacco Plantation Owner, Vinales

Plantation Dwelling, Vinales


Kapock Tree Vinales

Vinales Guide

Tobacco Plantation

Washing, Vinales

Taking a break, Vinales

View in Vinales area

Lady of Vinales

Road Signs, Vinales

Tending the Tobacco Plants

Vinales Dwelling


At Tobacco Plantation

Che Guevara image on a wall

Flag of Cuba

On road near Playa Giron

Fidel Poster at Giron Museum

Detail of Che Che Memorial

At Playa Giron

Bay of Pigs

Che Guevara Mausoleum, Santa Clara

On road near Playa Giron

Playa Giron Museum

Memorial to Che Guevara

Cutting Coconut at Cienfuegos

One of Cuba's old cars

Tomas Terry Theatre Santa Clara

Santa Clara

Old Bridge in El Cubano National Park

Guide at Che Guevara Mausoleum

Schoolgirl in Trinidad


Children playing, Trinidad

Ration Shop, Trinidad

Old Austin, Trinidad

Ration Shop Trinidad


Street Trader, Trinidad

Market at end of day, Trinidad

View of Trinidad from balcony of museum

Art Gallery, Trinidad

One of the cobbled streets, Trinidad

Balcony outside Trinidad Museum

Hanging Lamp in Museum

Rocking Chair in Museum Trinidad

Trinidad at sunset

Volley Ball in Trinidad Street

Going Home, Trinidad



Havana Ladies

Child of Havana


Barbers Shop, Havana

Children playing

Morning view over Havana

Revolution Square Havana


Magazines for sale in Havana

Fun in the Street, Havana

Someone's Birthday?

An Art Gallery in Havana

Taberna with band playing in Havana

Taberna Musicians

Musician at the Taberna

Taberna Musician

Taberna Singer

Havana Lady

The Waterfront, Havana

Men at Work in Havana

Building Repairs, Havana

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