I made a short trip to Melnik, Bulgaria in February 2014, the main reason being to take images of Dalmatian Pelicans which were on the borders of Bulgaria, just into Greece. There are just a few images below from Bulgaria showing a little of the rural countryside. Didn't take many as I was over the borders in Greece most of the time. The Dalmatian Pelicans I have put on to a separate page, please click here to view.

Rila Monastery in the forests of Rila Mountain, founded in the 10th Century.
The largest and most famous Eastern Orthodox Monastery in Bulgaria which is very ornate and with many frescoes.

Old part of Rozhen Monastery, near Melnik

Mountain view near Melnik

Sand Pyramids, near Melnik

Sand Pyramids near Melnik

Fisherman's Hut and Cooking area, Lake Kerkini, Greece

View near Melnik

Fisherman and dog, Lake Kerkini

Village and dogs of Rozhen

On the road from Rozhen to Lyubovishte


Rozhen Inhabitant

Nr Lyubovishte

Window detail of old building, Melnik

Pot and Drinks machine

Old Pots

Dilapidated Caravan

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