My visit to Amsterdam was a short trip however I packed a lot in even though it rained some of the time. The thing that struck me most of all were the bikes, there were bikes galore, everyone rode them and they were the old fashioned type, "sit up and beg", none of the modern racing bikes we see in England. There are even bike parks, one near the station is arranged along the same lines as a multi storey car park. The bikes were used for work and pleasure and not just one person, passengers were carried on the crossbar, back seat and plenty of trailers attached both back and front.

A visit to the windmills was a must but Rotterdam I understand is the best place to see windmills. Another feature of Amsterdam was the Nemo Building which has a piazza and a wonderful view over the capital. The building houses an interactive exhibition, studio and wonder lab where you step in the shoes of a scientist. Unfortunately it wasn't open when I got there. Another amazing bit of architecture was the Nescio Cycle Bridge which is the longest bridge in the Netherlands. There are 1281 bridges in Amsterdam with most of them crossing all the canals which is another big tourist attraction.

Cycle Park, near Amsterdam Station

Decorated cycle

A free lift

Getting drenched

Luxury seating!!

Bike parked by canal

A rainy day

Tram going across Dam Square

One of the canals at night

On the phone

The Westerkerk (Western Church), Amsterdam at night

Wet weather cycling

A Canal of Amsterdam plus one of the tourist boats

Nescio Bridge

Nescio Bridge

Walkway near Nescio Bridge

Nemo Building and Footbridge

Nemo Building

Steps to Piazza at Nemo Building

Taking in the sun on the Piazza

Zaanse Schans

Windmills at Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans Windmill

Inside Windmill

Inside Windmill

Cycling beside windmill

On the ferry to Zaanse Schanns

View from windmill

de Kat Windmill sign

Girls at Windmill

Cycle ride from Westerkerk Church

Amsterdam Tram

Cargo Boat taken from plane

Double Decker Train

Heron in Vondel Park

In Vondel Park


Stock in Vondel Park

In Vondel Park


A cycle for four

Marking Time

Typical Street of Amsterdam

Spinoza Statue - Great Philosopher


View of Harbour

Legs Eleven

Taking a picture

On the phone

A typical canal

Canal Reflections

Typical Dutch Buildings

Cafe Du Sluyswacht

Dutch Building

Dutch Shop

Dutch modern building


Baskets for sale

Old Dutch Shop

Canbabis for sale

Dutch buildings beside canal

Taking a trip

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