Paris January 2012

I made a trip to Paris in January 2012. It has been a long wish of mine to visit Paris again, my last visit was in 1959 with my late husband Philip and I wanted to revisit the places we had shared. During my last visit I was only able to take black and white images with a film camera so a complete change for me, all that colour and digital, how things have changed. I have down an audio visual which can be viewed on You Tube here.

Eiffel Tower at Dusk

Eiffel Tower at night

Artists Quarter, Montmartre

Artists Quarter, Montmartre

Artists Quarter, Monmartre

Artists Quarter, Montmartre

Sacre Coeur

The Street Performers and People at Sacre Coeur

Walkway to The Metro

The Metro

The Metro

Place de la Concorde at dusk

Notre Dame

Artists Stalls beside the Seine

Beside the River Seine

Near The Louvre

Enjoying the Tuileries Gardens

Enjoying the Tuileries Gardens

The Louvre

Archway by The Louvre

Fountain in the Tuileries Gardens

Arch de Triumph

At the Arch de Triumph

Newsagents Booth

Monmartre Street