Northumbria November 2010

Northumberland, also called Northumbria is often referred to as 'The Best Kept Secret' in England, this the most northerly county, covers an area of some 1935 square miles. Adjacent with the Scottish Borders and the North Sea, the 100 mile long Northumberland Coast is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This is my third trip to Northumberland but this time I felt I did it justice. I was lucky enough to get some snow which gave the whole area a very magical scene. I was also able to do some night photography. My other images from Northumberland were taken in the late nineties and at the beginning of this century, some of which were using film camera. These are shown in Northumbria 1

This snow covered tree was lit by a torch after sunset

Early morning snow at Bamburgh Castle

Sunrise at Dunstanburgh Castle

Snow covered beach at Lindisfarne

Late afternoon sun

Bamburgh Castle with different tide movements

Gateshead Bridges just after sunset

Footsteps to the Angel of the North

Northumberland Snowscapes

Tress on the skyline at sunset

Snow covered bales

Sunlit Tree

And then there were two

Northumbria Hillside and bales

Lone Tree



Lone Tree

Trees in the landscape

Hedge patterns

Bamburgh Castle


Snow covered beach Nr Bamburgh


Torchlit Stone Circle

Detail of rocks on Spittal Beach

Snow covered statue



First snow at the Angel of the North

Blue boat at Lindisfarne

Reflection of Bamburgh Castle

Northumbria in the snow

Snow covered boat at Lindisfarne

Hillside Trees

Gateshead Bridge just after sunset


Bridges at Gateshead

Road across the National Park

Distant Dunstanburgh Castle from the beach

Floating snow at Lindisfarne

Bamburgh Castle view

Dunstanburgh Castle from the seas edge

Distant Dunstanburgh