Hi, my name is Sheila Haycox ARPS MPAGB/AV, EFIAP, retired, and thoroughly enjoying this status. I am widowed with three children, and between two of them they have four daughters and one son.They all live locally to me which is in the West Country in the county of Devon .

I have several interests which include gardening, reading, cooking; but my main hobby is photography. My interest in photography started in the late 60's when my husband gave me a camera, mainly for use to take holiday snaps and pictures of the family as they grow up. However in 1986 I took photography up more seriously and joined Exmouth Photo Group. Since then there has been no looking back.

I have now gone completely digital producing both colour and mono images using Canon and Fugi Digital Cameras with a number of different lenses.  I then work on my computer using Adobe photographic software and then print with an inkjet printer.  I also produce Digital Audio Visual sequences for fun, of the family, the odd competition and presentations.

I was Secretary of the Exmouth Photo Group , Devon for 18 years and because of this long service to the club I was given Honorary membership to the club in 2014. This group is affiliated with the Western Counties Photographic Federation. The Group has a membership of around 40 members and this is where I pursue my photographic interests. If you would like to visit their site then click here. I also joined Exeter Camera Club to widen my interest and so far am thoroughly enjoying their programme. To see Exeter's Club site click here.

I enter competitions at the club, have had work accepted with several Photographic Magazines, at a few exhibitions and salons. I judge photographic competitions at other clubs and do presentations of my work in the form of prints and audio visuals.I entered work into a large number of salons in the uk and abroad and have now gained my EFIAP. I got my first ARPS with the Royal Photographic Society with Audio Visuals and then obtained the Distinction again with Prints in the Professional and Applied sectrion. To see my ARPS Panel please click here. I gained my MPAGB in Audio Visuals in May 2016. As only 8 MPAGB/AV Distinctions have been awarded in the country I feel quite honoured.

I like to tackle a range of different photographic subjects including landscapes, sport, abstract and candids. I have visited various parts of this country and travelled abroad as well. Quite a bit of my work is now taken on photographic workshops which are an absolute boon to me. You can see more of my images on my Flickr site.



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