Cuba Part Two

Havana Rooftops

La Bodeguita, famous bar in Havana for its Mojitos


Ernest Hemingway's Signature in La Bodeguita del Medio

Part of the wall in La Bodeguita del Medio


View from Ambos Mundos the hotel where Ernest Hemingway stayed

The front of Ambos Mundos, Havana

Inside Ambos Mundos, Havana

Lift in Ambos Mundos Hotel


Artist in Havana

On road to Sancti Spiritus


In Sancti Spiritus

Street Shoe Cleaner, Sancti Spiritus

Farmers Market, Sancti Spiritus

Farmers Market, Sancti Spiritus

Afternoon Chat, Sancti Spiritus

Running Repair, Sancti Spiritus

Schoolchildren in Sancti Spiritus

Schoolchild, Sancti Spiritus

Nr Camaguey

Flower Seller, Camaguey

Old Chevrolet

Lady in Camaguey

Church Pews, Camaguey


The Sunglasses!!!! - Camaguey

Heavy Discussion, Camaguey


Young Boy playing cards

Taking a rest

Playing Cards in the street


Cyclist in Camaguey

Hotel Dining Room, Camaguey

View over Camaguey

Enjoying a day off from school

Waiting for a ride

Mother and Baby

In her party dress

Typical Walkway

Musician's Bass

At a Cuban Hostelry with Musicians



In the Sierra Maestra Mountains, Near Fidel Castro’s Operational Headquarters

Revolution Monument

Repairing the Lorry

Cleaner at Santiago de Cuba School

School at Santiago de Cuba

School at Santiago de Cuba 

Children at school

Children of Santiago de Cuba

Children of Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

Revolution Square Guantanamo

On the road towards San Antonio del Sur

San Antonio del Sur

On the way to Baracoa

Workers Transport


Roadside trader, Guantanamo


Sorting out his lorry

GMC Lorry


Pharmacy in Baracoa

Lady in workshop making dolls

Working at her sewing machine


Decorator Baracoa

Library Baracoa

Wedding dress for sale


Artist's Studio and dog, Baracoa

Artist's Studio Baracoa


Musicians in bar, Baracoa

Pilot for our flight back to Havana

Baracoa Airport

Baracoa Reflection