The following images were taken in the year 2000 on a trip to the Durban area, South Africa. I used a film camera on this occasion so all the images have been scanned from slides.

Three Zulus

Zulu Father and Son

Zulu Women and dwelling

Zulu Boy

Drakensberg Mountains


Weaver bird and nest

Weaver Nest in reeds



Giraffe closeup


White Rhino

Lady with bale of straw on Execution Rock

Doing the daily wash



Young girl with bale of straw

Grandma outside her dwelling

Children having fun in pool in the Drakensberg Mountains

Cascade - Drakensberg Mountains

Young lad in Drakensberg Mountains


Zulu Drummer

Young Couple

Zulu mother and child

Schoolteacher and children

Children in Nursery School

In the Drakensberg Mountains

Lady outside African dwelling

African Dwellings

Oribi Gorge

Howick Waterfall


Oribi Gorge

Drakensberg Mountains



Old and New trees

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